Ruvati RVH8300 Review – Best Workstation Sink

Every homeowner is looking for extra stuff that can add that touch in the kitchen. But how many of them think of getting a unique kitchen sink? To offer you an outstanding kitchen sink, we will review a Ruvati RVH8300 kitchen sink. The sink comes with a cutting board, a bottom rinse toils, and a basket strainer. Considering these additions, the sink is not only rare but also offers an expert look in your kitchen.

Ruvati 32-inch Workstation Ledge Undermount Sink comes with a stainless steel finish, great features, and zero radius corners. The following review seeks to offer a clear view of this beautiful kitchen sink. Read on!

The main Findings with the Ruvati RVH8300 – Why you need to buy it?

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Ruvati stainless steel sink comes with adequate inner and outer measurements as well as the bowl’s depth. It incorporates a functional drain opening that is compatible with any garbage disposal unit. A stainless steel colander, a basket strainer, and the mounting brackets add to the product’s performance. 


The sink is useful to any homeowner. Its luxurious satin finish makes it easy to keep up and clean the sink. The Ruvati sink comes with sturdy padding that acts as a sound guard to prevent disturbance.

Simple fitting

Since the sink uses an under-mount fitting system, it is less challenging to install it in place. To correctly install the sink, make good use of the videos or manuals, which makes it easier. To fully fit the sink into the kitchen, you will only spend a few minutes.

Quality construction and material

When it comes to quality, this model has it all. With a 16 gauge and a 304 premium stainless steel, this sink will do better than the rest. It also comes with an 18/10 nickel with a brushed finish, which is essential in hiding scratches. Even for those who live with naughty kids, a parent may not worry about a thing since the sink is sturdy enough.

Safe to the environment

Sustainability is one thing that makes the sink popular among many buyers. For those who are sensitive about the planet, the sink is 100% ecological, just like any other Ruvati sink. Other than being able to recycle the sink, you can also conserve water since the sink’s design fits the purpose.


The sink has a larger bowl. While the feature has more advantages, it still makes it hard to drain water if you do not own a faucet sprayer. 

User satisfaction

  • Ideal for kitchen use
  • Less pricey
  • Awesome look
  • Great quality

User dissatisfaction

  • Some customers complain of the issue with the drainage angle



Where can I find the logo on the sink?

You can find the emblem on the sink in the inner side, adjacent to the back wall, around the mid-area. When buying, check the logo to make sure you by the right sink model.

Does the sink come with extra pads that one can add if in need of soundproof?

Ruvati 8300 sink comes with padding that prevents sounds when working on the sink. They will not include spare padding. Besides, you will not need it since the sink already comes with enough padding.

Can I top-mount the sink in a laminate counter?

The sink is an under-mount one and there is no way you can top-mount it. However, Ruvati still offers a similar sink that you can top-mount, which is Ruvati RVH8000. Those in search of a top-mount sink can feel happy and comfortable with this sink.  

Does RUVATI 8300 slope towards the drain? 

On the sink, you will find a slope that is slant enough to drain the water. Considering the size of the sink, some food particles stay at the bottom of the sink after the water drains. With that in mind, get a sprayer hose to use in cleaning the edges and the sink bottom with ease and control.


Ruvati sinks suit every kitchen well. The sink incorporates many features and considering the low price, it’s just the best. The sink is a sturdy one and has a padding feature that makes sure you experience less or no noise in the kitchen. With the sink, you can clean your kitchen at any time without disturbing your friends or family. While the sink has both pros and cons, pros are influential than cons. We only hope that the above Ruvati RVH8300 review is enough in helping you make the right choice when buying a kitchen sink!

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