LORDEAR SLJ16003 Commercial Farmhouse Sink Review

Getting the best farmhouse sink that offers a stylish look to a kitchen counter piece is every homeowner’s dream. Besides, no one wishes to waste time going through hundreds of websites just to find a sink that meets your needs. Besides, kitchens are no longer under a perception that they are only for preparing food. People now get entertainment and drinks as they pass time in the kitchen. That’s why you need to get a sink that goes well with your kitchen theme, so that you can surprise your guests with your great sink. to enjoy a great sink, purchase  LORDEAR Farmhouse sink as it is the best.

The LORDEAR sink is a single bowl with 16 gauges and it is comes with stainless steel construction. With its satin finish, it will complement your kitchen theme perfectly. Due to the stainless steel material, the sink hardly scratches or rust and so it’s worth the price. The thick rubber padding and a stone guard base-coat leads to sound drop as well as condensation control.

LORDEAR Farmhouse Sink

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User satisfaction

  • Vibrant sink
  • Stands heat 
  • Sizeable bowl
  • The bottom includes grids
  • Reduces sound
  • Numerous accessories

User dissatisfaction

  • The design is not compatible with narrow faucets since it’s hard for the faucet to get to the middle
  • No drop-in features


The main Findings with the LORDEAR Farmhouse sink – Why you need to buy it? 

Enough work space

Being a single bowl sink, it comes with a 10 inches deeper bowl to make it possible for you to wash huge pans and pots without splashing water on the ground. The sink is strong enough to withstand tough use as you clean the bigger utensils.

Elegant appearance and performance

The black finish makes the sink beautiful and fits perfectly into any home design. Considering its sturdiness, the sink is ideal for use in larger families and commercial kitchens. The Nano finish makes sure that water and oil drains well into the sinkhole. What many love about the sink is that its finish never fades even when you pour hot water into it.


The LORDEAR sink comes with Nano stainless steel which makes the sink harder, making it resilient against rust and corrosion. When it comes to the hardness, the sink is 50% harder when you compare it to other Nano sinks. With more accessories including a basket strainer, a dish grid, an oven glove, and an apron, the sink adds value to your home. Moreover, considering the tough material available on the sink, it will last for years of use with comfort.

Appealing design

The sink’s design makes it unique. It comes with an appealing yet simple design to leave your kitchen looking and working great. Its over-size design attracts many since one can wash a lot of vegetables and utensils with ease.

Not noisy

The preventing technology is another great feature that attracts many to the product. The 3mm dampening pads and the stone guards are of great help. The noise-proof system will not allow any noise as you work. It works by absorbing the vibration to make sure that no noise comes from the kitchen as the water hits the sink from the tap.


Some clients complain that the sink is not easy to keep clean

Others say that the sink design may at times leave some unnecessary spaces between the sink and the working space.


Is it possible to install the sink at the countertop?

You can set it up in your kitchen, but you need to make sure you follow the guides well. Alternatively, you need to get a professional for smoother and cleaner job.

Does the LORDEAR Farmhouse sink go well with garbage non-usable elements?

Yes, it is possible to mount a disposable unit on the sink. However, you need to make sure that it fits the drain-hole that is 3.5 inches.

Does the LORDEAR’s sink finish scratch easily?

No, the finish is strong enough to withstand scratches. Due to the scratch free nature of the sink, it becomes not only durable but also maintains the glamour for more years to come.

Which colors does the sink include?

The sink is among the finest stainless steel sinks and comes with black or stainless steel finishes. You only need to choose the one you prefer.


For those after a farmhouse sink that exceeds the user’s expectations, LORDEAR sink is the ideal one. From the design, other accessories to functionality, the sink will not disappoint. If you need a sink that will stand out in your kitchen without digging deeper into your pocket, then LORDEAR kitchen sink is what you need to go for. 

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