LaToscana 33” Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Review

Do you love cooking? Well, then your kitchen is probably your temple, right? You always want to equip it with the best for the best experience. A few things in the kitchen are as crucial as your sink, and so it makes sense why many love getting the best. However, finding the right one is not always as easy. If you want to spend money on a kitchen sink, you need to make sure the product is worth it, and LaToscana farmhouse sink is one product that you will never go wrong with. To help you understand more about the sink, this LaToscana farmhouse sink reviews will help you much. Read on!

The main Findings with the LaToscana farmhouse sink- Why you need to buy it?

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Reversible Design

With many things that are attractive about the sink but one unique thing is how easy reversible it gets. Being able to adjust the sink can feel great, right? The sink comes with an excellent finish on every side where one can choose from a fluted to a smooth finish for the front side of the sink.

Mounting options

The sink comes with various mounting options that are friendly to everyone. You can choose an under-mounted, a flush-mount, or a raised one. When it comes to installation, the process is simple. However, since the sink weighs about 100 pounds, you may need an extra hand to put it in the right place.

Impressive design

The graceful design that comes with this sink is excellent. It is not only reversible but also comes with a white finish that adds class and style to the kitchen. The great look offers that exceptional appeal to the kitchen that every visitor will notice the beauty.

Lasts long

The sink sturdiness completes this kitchen suite. With its strong fireclay built, the sink will surely serve you for years.

Spacious enough

Space is what many love about the sink. Being a 10 inches deep sink basin, it remains large enough to dip huge pots and platters. Besides, no one wishes to wash dishes half-way simply because the sink is too small to fit everything. With this sink, people with a huge family or guests will benefit greatly. With a center drain, it means that the water will drain well.  


With a white finish, the sink offers a classic look that is compatible with any decor and kitchen theme. Featuring elegant Italian build, the sink is not only compatible but also durable.

No scratches

Some people say that it scratches, but most of them reported no problems with the sink. Generally, fireclay hardly scratches, but if one uses the wrong cleaning chemicals, abrasive materials, or scouring pads, that can damage the sink. As long as you take care of the sink, it maintains a gorgeous and shiny look even after years of use.



The sink is heavy and so you cannot install it on your own. You need to ask someone for help to install it well.

Not immune to scratches

Considering the price, one may expect better results from the sink, and scratches disappoint many. While the sink has a great design, they fail to concentrate more on functionality and so some users report of scratches on the sink surface.

User satisfaction

  • A real farmhouse design
  • Compatible with fluted or plain finish
  • Comes with classic white finish
  • Flexible
  • Incorporates fine Italian artistry
  • Robust

User dissatisfaction

  • Doesn’t have a drain
  • Scratches easily
  • Weighty



Is this farmhouse sink reversible?

Yes! It is reversible for both flat and fluted designs. All you need is to choose the right one for you.

Does the sink come with a drainage hole?

One good thing about the sink is that it comes with a center drainage hole, which makes drainage effective.

Can I use the sink with a current garbage disposal? 

Yes! If you do not intend to install a new garbage disposal, you can still use an existing one, which will work just the same.

Does the noise that the sink make more?

In most cases, metal sinks make more noise. Even a 16 gauge metal sink may make more noise than an 18 gauge fireclay or porcelain. That is why most sinks come with rubber buffers on the lower side to lower the noise that they usually make.

With the above review, it is clear that the LaToscana fireclay sink can effectively boost your experience in the kitchen. Just buy one today to add that extra touch to your kitchen and wow your visitors this festive season!

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