KRAUS KHU100-32 Review

A sink is among the crucial areas in the kitchen. It is a product that people use daily, yet we ignore its importance once we find it already in place and working. However, to those after changing their sink or undertaking a home improvement project, getting a good sink is important. The sink will not only offer great feeling when working on it but will also offer a visual focal point, as long as you get the right sink for your kitchen. With that in mind, KRAUS KHU100-32 is the best sink for you. 

The sink comes with qualities that every modern sink offers. Its style and design add to its efficiency to offer a great feel while in the kitchen. Kraus Standart PRO 32 is a stainless steel sink with 16 gauges for added durability and functionality. It has a double bowl that comes with an elegant look that does not only make it stand out in your kitchen but also convenient. With the sink, you can carry out many activities with ease.

Kraus 100-32 material is scratch and stain-resilient. Even though it comes with steel construction, it is still durable than other competitor sinks in the market. 

The main Findings with the KRAUS KHU100-32- Why you need to buy it?

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Versatile enough

The sink is an all-round one and it is durable enough. While the specifications make the sink seem like a usual sink, its sturdy construction makes it ideal for various kitchen works. Due to its elegance and sturdiness, a lot of homeowners will find it useful, from those holding larger gatherings to those with huge family members.

Great depth 

The depth of the sink is its greatest selling point. Even to those in need of washing huge pots and platters, they need not worry since the sink can accommodate the pots comfortably. The basin is spacious enough to accommodate a huge number of plates, utensils, baking sheets, and even pans.

Makes less noise

The sinks stainless steel material comes with a protective base-coat that prevents the sink from making noise when working on it. Unlike most metallic sinks that make a lot of noise in the kitchen, this sink makes less noise when a utensil drops on it. Even when water splashes on the sink, a visitor will barely hear the sound.

Not prone to scratches and corrosion

Stainless steel is known for being stain resistant. With that in mind, it means the sink is not prone to dings and dents.

Better drainage

The size of the sink boosts its performance and its depth gives room for water to move freely. With the sink, you will never experience the annoying splashes, and the water will drain completely after you finish washing.


Stainless steel is a durable material and that’s why it is a favorite to many.

What we love most about the sink is how it boosts robustness. The steel found on this sink is thick enough to keep the sink safe from dents. Therefore, the sink will last for years to come.


  1. Beginners may find it hard to install the sink and they may need a professional help
  2. Hard water is hard to clean
  3. Food and water debris may not drain completely

User satisfaction

  • Elegant 
  • Lusterless finish
  • Resilient to tints
  • Less noisy

User dissatisfaction

  • Shows watermarks
  • Not totally free from scratch


Top mount or under mount, which one is better?

Both sinks are versatile enough in every kitchen, but a top mount is easier due to the ability to drop it into the counter. That is why a top mount is the easiest to install.

How can I know if the kitchen sink will fit well in my cabinet?

You need to get the dimensions from your kitchen, which will give you the greatest and the least cabinet size for a perfect installation. Use the dimensions as the guide before you buy the sink.

18 gauges and 16 gauges, which one is better?

A 16 gauge sink is the better one since it is durable than the 18 gauge one. A lower number of gauges mean that the sink has thicker stainless steel in the constitution. That is why our sink is among the best since it is 16 gauges which make it durable and strong enough to handle tough work.

In conclusion, we can all agree that a quality sink offers a quality experience in the kitchen. Therefore, if looking for a stainless steel sink that has great quality and you are not sure of which one to choose; now you know. KRAUS KHU100-32 is among the popular models in the market since it comes with a great design for a perfect fit at home. Just make good use of the above KRAUS KHU100-32 Review and you will enjoy it!

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