Kohler K-6487 Review – Tall Apron Farmhouse Sink

Changing the look in your kitchen is not easy, especially when you want to avoid spending a fortune on major remodeling. However, for those after a stylish farmhouse design, Kohler K-6487 is what they need. With this Kohler sink, you do not need more changes to your countertop, and you can install it within minutes. The sink comes with a unique design that incorporates self-trimming edges that makes sure you get the farmhouse design that you wish for without replacing your existing cabinets.

One thing that many love about the sink is that it incorporates a classy look that goes well with your kitchen decor and theme. Whether you own a modern item or a traditional one, it can go well with the sink.

The main Findings with Kohler K-6487- Why you need to buy it?

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Sizeable enough

While the sink remains classy and stylish, it also boasts of its size. It comes with a large working area to make it easy and comfortable washing dishes and bigger pots. Being a single basin sink adds to its size, making it more convenient.

Impressive design

One would probably get a comfortable feel, just like she would when working on a double basin sink. Thanks to the sink’s generous working area and the unique design, which makes cleaning easier. The design also adds to the ease of water flow as you work in the kitchen.


The bold look on this sink says it all. The faucets are well designed and attractive to the eye. Other than beauty, functionality is at its best. The sink incorporates innovative technology in the faucets to add to your comfort and ease of use. Whether you are looking for a comfortable design whose sprayer is cool and easy to use, quiet motion on the system, or maneuverability, this sink will help.


While the sink’s design comes with great innovation that makes it stylish and functional, durability is also one of its strong points. The sink seems to withstand both chips and stains to make sure you stay with a beautiful and functional sink. Another great thing about the sink is that it never burns, which means you can cook without having to worry about the effect of heat on the sink. It also acts as a drip edge that stops the water from ruining the cabinets.


Whitehaven makes it possible for every homeowner to choose from various colors that come with the sinks. That is one of the reasons why the sink is the best white farmhouse sink by Kohler. Being able to choose from different colors means it is possible to find the right sink that complements your countertop. Many people love getting a sink that goes well with the kitchen theme, and so this is the right sink to get.



While the sink comes with great features, colors, and design, it still comes pricey. The price makes the sink inaccessible, especially to those under budget. However, according to some people who own such a sink, the longer value they get from the sink is worth the price. 

User satisfaction

  • Lasts long
  • Resistant to heat
  • It’s not prone to stains
  • Flexible
  • Easy to fix
  • Self-trimming feature
  • Elegant look

User dissatisfaction

  • Pricey
  • Prone to stains



Can some water stay at the bottom as you sink the drains?

The KOHLER sinks drain well. When you want to flush waste at the garbage disposal, you will not notice any water remains at the bottom of the sink. All water and residue will drain completely.

Is it possible to place the garbage disposal on any side of the sink?

Yes! Depending on your wish, you can place your garbage disposal on any side as long as you are comfortable with the placement.

Does a kitchen sink need an overflow?

Why not! Besides, plumbing codes in the US or UK needs no overflow drains. With that in mind, a manufacturer doesn’t need to include them since people rarely need an overflow in the kitchen sink.


Well, you now know more about the KOHLER K-6487 kitchen sink. However, it would help if you remembered that a kitchen sink dictates how to comfort you will remain while doing kitchen chores. That’s why it is essential for everyone to always strive to get the best model to avoid problems. If you decide to buy this Kohler sink today, regardless of the cost, you will get great value in the long run. Make use of the above review and shop for the best today!

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