How to Wash Dishes in a Farmhouse Sink?

Not so long ago, people used to haul water from wells, ponds, lakes, and rivers to do household chores, including washing dishes and clothes, boiling foods, and even bathing children. Naturally, they require large size water reservoirs, and that is the background based on what the farmhouse sinks evolved.

Considering their distinctive features and benefits later, modern people have connected them to the current plumbing system. Over time, they have achieved mass popularity across the world, and now you can see those available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials, brands, and prices.

Farmhouse sinks give an excellent look and timeless feel, no matter where you have installed them – kitchen or laundry. But, unless you get habituated to use a farm sink, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll face challenges to wash dishes in it, for instance, water spray, broken glass, shattered china, no dry spot, and even more. 

Being a new owner, you need to know how to wash dishes in a farmhouse sink. Through use and over time, you’ll learn washing and cleaning everything possible in a farm sink. We include some tips and techniques that will help you grab the dish cleaning job perfectly.

  1. Scrape All Dishes

Firstly, you have to scrape all the dishes before you leave those inside the sink. By this process, you’re actually removing leftover debris so that the debris doesn’t go into the sink. It will help you keep more dishes. You can clean all debris-free stuff with ease than that of with debris. It makes water draining easier before you refill it. Scraping is highly recommended, no matter whatever is the type and size of your sink.

  1. Sort and Stack the Dishes 

Secondly, sort all dishes and stack them separately beside the sink. If you want your dishes to be free from damage, just don’t forget to do it. Plates should be in a stack, pots in another stack, and pans are in another stack. Cutlery and glasses should be kept off to the sink side. But if you find insufficient space there, you should set those down the counter until there’s enough space.

  1. Avoid Water Spray

Remember, the water will splash when it comes to contact with the dishes. It is essential to keep a space inside the sink. Hence the sink should not be filled with water. You’ll have to face water spraying outside. Farmhouse sinks, especially the undermount models, do not have edges like integrated sinks. Therefore, they can not prevent those sprayed water. Fix the issue by putting the sink faucet on low while splashing or spraying. You may even use the streamflow of the faucet. If you get no solution, wear an apron and keep an absorbent mat on the floor.

  1. Ensure a Drying Zone

Make sure there is a drying zone on your sink, regardless of whether it is a top-mount or under-mount farmer sink. Most of the farmhouse sinks have a deep basin with no place off to the side. It’ll be tough, but ensure the sink integrated with the countertop has a drying zone. Dry the dishes after washing, as you’re going to rinse other dirty things. You can use microfiber mats for placing and drying the dishes. 

  1. Pay Absolute Attention to Dishes

China plates can be shattered or the glasses can be broken when you wash them, just because of a small gap of the attention you put there. The sink has no edges and the basin is deep, so if they slip from your hand and get hit with the hard bottom part of the basin or on the floor, you may discover them shattered or broken. It may also injure you. The only solution  is to pay absolute attention to the dishes while cleaning. 

  1. Handle Everything with Full Care

Farmhouse sinks come with a timeless style and durable construction. Some of them have a high-quality scratch-protection feature. But some of them are still fragile, and there’s a chance of getting scratched or marked, for instance, fireclay sinks. Therefore, it is essential to handle everything so carefully to keep the sinks damage-free.

  1. Prevent Grime

If you do not rinse the sink thoroughly after washing the dishes and take proper care of it all the time, the timeless beauty may turn to look grimy. Although farmhouse-style sinks are less prone to be dirty than the standard kitchen sinks, you should still handle them properly.

Last Words

You will get habituated with washing dishes in a farm sink over time. It’s not going to be a big deal at all if you put proper concentration on what you are doing. But whatever you do, make sure you have a right posture throughout the washing sessions. It will keep your body, especially the back part, in comfort and protected from potential backbone injury.

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