Elkay Crosstown Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink Reviews

Cleaning vegetables or utensils are among the common chores that we undertake daily. However, without a sink, such chores are tough for everyone. With that in mind, a kitchen sink becomes useful in every home. Other than making things easier in the kitchen, a sink is also an eye-catching accessory that adds beauty and value to the kitchen. By installing an Elkay crosstown farmhouse kitchen sink to your home, you will benefit from its durability, style, and usability. The following Elkay farmhouse sink reviews offer more information to help you make the right decision when it comes to buying the right kitchen sink.

The sink is 18 gauges, which adds to its durability and performance. With a good thickness, the sink performs better than other competitor ones. The sound dampening features reduces noise as you wash the dishes, and it’s also easy to keep up and clean. With the different shapes, sizes, and colors that come with the sink, you will surely get the best one. Enjoy the read!

The main Findings with the Elkay Crosstown Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink – Why you need to buy it? 

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When it comes to quality, this sink is the best. With an 18 gauges thickness, it remains reliable due to the thick metal that protects the sink even after hard or tough work. The material on this sink resembles the ones on premium sinks and will last long at an even with a lower price tag.

Cleaning is easier

While the sink is not prone to damages, cleaning it is hassle-free. With its great design that includes round corners, cleaning the inner part is simple. All you need is to wipe the sink with a sponge and soap, and it remains sparkling clean.

Less noisy

Most sinks are noisy. As soon as the water hits the surface, everyone at home will know. The good thing about this sink is that it comes with a noise reduction technology which includes sound dampening pads. Even if you use the sink at night, you will not wake anyone. 

Chick design

The sink is a flawless merger of prettiness, modern design, and performance. Many love the sink since it looks good on any kitchen and goes well with the different decor at your home.

Enough space

Elkay Fireclay farmhouse sink comes as a single bowl with enough space that fits trays, platters, and pans comfortably. With the sink, you can wash any size of a pot without having to worry about watering the floors while washing.

Great drainage

Elkay kitchen sink also comes with an off-set drain and drainage grooves at the base of its bowl. Such grooves are there to make sure that the water flows efficiently as you empty the sink.


  • They scratch with time

User satisfaction

  • Durable
  • Great size
  • Good drainage
  • Less noisy
  • Affordability
  • Versatile 

User dissatisfaction

  • Vulnerable to scratches or water spots
  • May not go well with a rustic look


Why should I buy an under-mount farmhouse sink?

The reason many love such sinks is their installation and how the kitchen looks after you put in your kitchen. Such a sink fits easily and perfectly into the kitchen, leaving it beautiful.

How easy or hard is the sink’s cleaning process?

Hassle-free cleaning is what most people look for when buying a sink. However, the ease of cleaning depends on the material, and since the sink is a stainless steel one, cleaning it is a breeze. By only wiping off the sink with a towel and soap, it remains spotless.

Is it possible to install an Elkay farmhouse sink on my own?

Yes! The sink comes with every installation part as well as the guide and so installing it is easy. Even if you are doing it for the first time, as long as you follow the guides well, you will do it well for an excellent performance.

For those looking forward to upgrading their kitchen, getting this Elkay sink is the right one for everyone. The sink will add value to your home, no matter the theme and decor in your home. The sink comes with premium quality and sturdy material that makes sure the sink lasts long, free of scratches. Moreover, considering the sink’s low price tag, it is worth a trial. Also, with the sink, durability will remain the last thing on your mind since the company’s priority. If looking for a top-performing sink, then Elkay Fireclay farmhouse sink is an excellent choice!

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